Group's mission

Developing different business areas, we lay the foundation for sustained expansion of the Group and Russian economics in the future.

«BusinessSphere»: To the future – with certainty!

Group's force

BusinessSphera Group possesses its own diversified active assets: property (over 100 thousand m2), transport and special purpose equipment (over 170 units), land assets (over 5 000 ha, among which more than 1 000 ha are designated for housing).

BusinessSphera Group successfully unites material, human, financial and intellectual resources available to it. Implementing innovative technologies and advanced experience, BusinessSphera develops these resources, which facilitates stable economic growth of the country and improves investment climate of the region. Business diversification allows the Group to successfully increase its turnover and provide itself with its own source of finance.

In company's portfolio there are specific projects implemented in collaboration with Russian and western investors for the benefit of Russia, good history of collaboration with state authorities and financial institutions.

Group's priorities

7 000 000 000 rub.

Turnover in 2011

15 industrial

enterprises in «BusinessSphera» Group

87 years

the oldest enterprise