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Investment and finance group ‘BusinessSphera’ united enterprises of different branches carrying out scale investment projects in the spheres of perfume-cosmetic production, electric energy, building construction and development, oil sector and sphere of services. The Group takes part in social and financial development of Russia, guarantees stability of work and success of new areas of development.

In companys portfolio there are specific projects implemented in collaboration with Russian and western investors for the benefit of Russia, good history of collaboration with state authorities and financial institutions.

Perfume-cosmetic area

JSC 'Perfume-cosmetic company «Vesna»makes the top three of the segment of personal care and household products in Russia, yielding products in 7 categories: from solid toilet soap to liquid detergent.


  • Modern production by means of equipment from leading world manufacturers.

  • 400 assortment type of production.

  • Distribution network in 70 cities of Russia and CIS countries.

  • Personal logistic base, vehicle fleet with over 60 units.

  • Long history of stable and qualitative work.

In company's portfolio – 3 well-known federal brands: solid and soft soapAbsolut, skin care productsAkvatel, liquid detergentKaplya.

Real estate and development

Development company Drevounites building construction and development projects of the group aiming at implementing scale projects securing outward investments.

Company possesses over 1 000 ha in Samara and Ulyanovsk for residential and commercial construction. Development projects portfolio of the company comprises over 1 billion m2 of housing, participates in national project Affordable and comfortable housing for Russian citizens.

Building construction company Gorizontis a division of development companyDrevo, which specializes on structural and specialty construction of buildings, production complexes and warehouses of any degree of complexity, including construction from the ground up.

Gorizonthas experience in design and construction work for clients from energy, petroleum, food and other industries in different regions of Russia.

Gorizonthas built over 35 objects, has designed over 50 projects; amount of work completed has exceeded 12 billion rubles; average annual construction volume is over 30 thousand m2.

Services sphere

  • Leisure and recreation facility

The Group holds the holiday center Lasurnayasituated in a picturesque corner of the national park Samarskaya Luka on the right bank of the river Volga in Samara region. The center can accommodate up to 150 people. The center doesnt only offer its services to the Groups employees, but also invites anybody willing.

  • Insurance services

ChOO ChIN-Security ltdis responsible for safety of the objects of BusinessSpheraGroup. The company has a multibranch network of guarded objects (over 50 industrial and commercial objects) throughout Russia. ChIN-Securityhas been on the market for over 10 years, fulfils a complete list of services in security guard sphere.

  • Lease of land for agricultural purposes

BusinessSpheraGroup possesses over 5 000 ha of land for agricultural purposes within Samara and Orenburg regions. BusinessSpheraoffers this land for rent for cultivation of crops and cattle enterprise.

  • Property management

Group companies offer services of complex control and technical maintanance not only for their own, but also for third-party housing and commercial property.

The group has under its control objects of trade, office and warehouse property with the total area of over 60 00 m2.

Main type of services:

  • renting out trade-office space

  • administrating office and shopping centers

  • managing and selling residential real estate

Group companies possess and professionally manage the shopping center Versaille(Ulyanovsk), cottage community 3rd avenue(Samara).

100000 m2

real estate property

70 percent

imported equipment

> 30 companies

BusinessSphera clients